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Custom Marching Shields – QUOTE ONLY from Aztec Shield


PLEASE NOTE: Peacocks Marching World is connecting you to Aztec Shields who will give the quote, make the product, and ship the shields. All money and all steps of the quote/ordering process are done through AZTEC SHIELDS not Peacocks Marching World. Please fill out this quote form and Aztec Shields will be in contact with you moving forward. Contact info: Jesse Alvarez 310-483-9008


Prices generally range from $500 – $1,150 per shield (includes art proof) for basic designs.  Each shield measures 22″ wide by 28″ high and weighs from three to five pounds. Production time is one to three months depending on the season. Please fill out the form below or send your custom shield ideas to for your quote. Quotes typically take one week to make before they are sent back to the customer.

A professionally done artwork representation (proof), if requested before ordering, would be $150 and the cost would be applied to the purchase of the shields.

When requesting your free quote, please check out with the payment option of “Check/Money Order” and we will provide you with your quote as soon as we are able. For questions on shields please contact directly.

Number of Shields * 

To maximize visibility, most schools put one letter per shield. You may also want an additional shield or shields for your mascot, logo, or location.

Shield Display

What do you want each shield to say? Most schools choose to put one letter per shield with logo/location on another shield(s).

Style of Shield * 

Select the style for your shields. The styles shown are the most common ones, however, we may be able to do other shapes on request.

Background Color(s)

Indicate the background color(s) for your shields. Also indicate whether you want a flat or a sparkle finish.

Letter/Logo Color(s)

Indicate the color for your letters, logo, and any other text. Also indicate whether you want a flat or a sparkle finish.

Letter Font

Let us know if there is a particular font or style of text you are interested in.

Letter Depth * 

Select the letter depth of your shields. A flat depth means that the letters are flat against the shield (see Santiago’s and Tuffree’s shields in the pictures). Stand-out letters will be raised off the shield using posts and will have empty space between the letter and the body of the shield (see Mustang’s and Temecula’s shields). 3-Dimensional letters are similar to stand-out letters, but instead of posts attaching the letter, the space behind the letter is solid (see Pomona’s shields).

Boggles on Borders * 

Add that eye-catching factor! (Note: Boggles significantly add to the cost and production time of shields due to the time, labor, and materials involved.)

Handles * 

Shields come standard with two handles. Optional pole guides available (shield poles sold separately).

Date Needed

When do you need the shields? Please note that the best time to order is during the school year between November and April. Production time is one to three months from when proof is approved (longer during the summer). Keep this is mind when you are planning your order.

Additional Information / Special Requests

Provide any additional information you think we need to know or that wasn’t mentioned or included earlier. This could include a link to your school’s page (for colors, mascot/logo, font, etc.) If you are emailing a picture or design idea, please indicate that as well.

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Get a free quote!  Enter your information and submit like an order. Aztec Shields will put together a custom quote just for your group!  Aztec Shield staff is available via phone and email to assist you with whatever questions you may have regarding your custom shield order, whether it is design help or product knowledge.  While artwork is included in the price for an order, if you would like to have a proof made before ordering, the art charge is $150 (the price of the art charge can be used as credit towards ordering shields).


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