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October 2015 News Letter

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Peacocks Marching World Feature with Jeremy Duby M.M. Director of Bands at Olivet College

History: When did your group first start your activity and how has your group/you continued to participate?
The Olivet College Marching Comets were a staple on campus during the 70’s.  For varying reasons, the program dwindled, and now, during the fall of 2015, has made a triumphal return after a 30 year hiatus.  The comeback has revitalized spirit on campus, and has strengthened relationships with all students, alumni, community members and especially the athletic department.

Traditions:  What traditions are you working to create and carry on within the music programs you work with?
The band performs their warm up routines in the college square the morning of game day.  The football team gets blessed in our church every game day, and then walks to the stadium by police escort.  The band now marches the team (still with police escort) down main street from the church to the stadium.  Once there, the band plays in the tailgate area to energize the fans for the game.

Leadership: What kind of Leadership opportunities are you providing for your participants? Were your provided these opportunities as a participant or student?
As the band is small while we rebuild, there are no drum majors or section leaders individually at this time.  The students have all taken an active leadership role as a band member.  They have taken roles in designing apparel, organizing fund raisers, and promoting the program across the campus and the surrounding communities.  The students have taken a great ownership of the program, and we work together to build upon the legacy of our alumni, and to create our own legacy to hand down to the future Marching Comets.

Community:  How are your students representing the community (and institution) through performances?  Are there any particular events that stand out? 
We perform at our annual kick off ceremonies for the Athletic department.  We will begin to play at our annual move in day celebration next year.  The band has been asked to march in parades in our local towns, and is also very visible and active during big campus events such as homecoming.  The band marches around the square in a pied piper fashion collecting student groups and leading them to the bon fire pep rally.     We are especially looking forward to representing the college internationally by performing in La Grande Parade De Paris – Champs Elyées on New Year’s Day in Paris, France.

How can someone get involved with your band?
Students can contact the director of bands, Jeremy Duby at (269)749-7158 or for more information regarding the college and its music program and to schedule an audition.  The band is open to music majors and non-majors alike.

Why do you do this?
Band in general is the central part of school pride and spirit.  The marching band is the most visible part of this program.  We are at most of the athletic and college events throughout the school year, adding an electric atmosphere to the events and a collaboration of all students and fans in attendance.  Internally, there is no better team building than working with the marching band.  The students bond and create a large family atmosphere within the campus community.  The students take a special ownership of the ensemble, and a great deal of pride in the program and institution.

Is there a website or link you would like people to go to? – Facebook: OCcometbands – Instagram: @marchingcomets

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